34.5″ Longtail Mufflers for Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster


4″ x 30″ Longtail Mufflers for Chieftain and Roadmaster With performance baffles.


4″x 34.5″ Silver Bullet Slip-On Mufflers with Long tails for Indian Big-Twin

Fits 2013 to Current Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster (equipped hard Saddle Bags)

Samson’s all new 4” in diameter slip-on Longtail Mufflers are now available for hard-bag equipped Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster model motorcycles. These large diameter low restriction mufflers produce a deep, throaty baritone exhaust note while maintaining the classic vintage dual exhaust look of the Indian motorcycle.  Samson’s high-performance baffles allow the Chief Big-Twin to breathe deep for as much as a twenty percent increase in horsepower and torque. Go on the warpath with Samson’s IN-164 Longtails!

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 14 x 12 in


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