Russell Hammac

Russell Hammac

Russell Hammac’s bagger is equipped with 33″ crossover Cholos. Mean and red, this bike rumbles down the road with attitude. Russell made the right choice when he chose Samson Exhaust. He could have chosen knockoff copies, but instead he chose the real deal, authentic original¬†Samson Cholos.

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1 thought on “Russell Hammac’s Bagger is Cholo Bad!”

  • Jeana v

    I’ve known Russ for years and one thing about him is this, anything he does, he does it with the best materials, equipment and to the highest caliber or he doesn’t do it at all. A lot of love, and sweat went into this bike and he waited it out til he could do it right. Pictures don’t do this bike justice. Rollin’ in the sun is the site to see! Hammer down Russell!!