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Cholo Exhaust for True Duals Crossover

cholo exhaust

Samson Cholo exhaust pipes… are today’s most popular selling exhaust pipes by a very wide margin! Samson Cholos have the look, the sound and the quality Harley-Davidson riders demand. Available for Harley-Davidson Softail and FLH model motorcycles in four popular lengths, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 inches, Samson Cholos are installer friendly, and are […]

Samson Cannons for Scout Motorcycles

IN-166 Indian Scout Cannons

Samson’s all new Cannons for Indian Scout are on the menu and ready to bolt-on your 2015 and later Scout motorcycle. Samson’s world famous Cannon slip-on mufflers are designed and manufactured to turn your Indian Scout into a blazing fast fun machine. These big-bore Cannons will elicit second looks from any American motorcycle rider! Scout Cannons (Samson part number IN-166) are […]

Sturgis Edition Mufflers for Indian Chief


Sturgis Edition high-performance mufflers from Samson are available immediately in either chrome or Sinister Black Ceramic for both soft-bag and hard-bag equipped Big Twin Indian Motorcycles. Get your war bonnet on and count coup with Samson’s Sturgis Edition four-inch super-flow slip-ons, and expect as much as a 20% increase on both torque and horsepower with tradition Samson […]

Samson Rolling Thunder Mufflers

S-763 Sturgis end cap rev 2A

ROLLING THUNDER MUFFLERS Samson’s  Rolling Thunder mufflers are the original “Rolling Thunder” slip-ons that sound so pleasant to the ears of discriminating Harley-Davidson riders.  The low restriction baffles of the Rolling Thunder mufflers allow any Big-Twin motor to breathe like a champion athlete while singing the resonant Samson road song. Properly tuned stock motors can expect up to a 20% increase […]

S3-959 Street Sweepers

S3-959B Legend Series Street Sweepers

  Clean up your neighborhood with Samson’s Legend Series Street Sweepers exhaust pipe for Harley-Davidson Softail. Why are Street Sweepers so popular? More horsepower and torque, up to a 20% increase with a properly tuned and equipped motor and Samson’s famous ground pounding sound, that’s why! Samson pipes do save lives! Samson’s show-chrome finish is the cat’s […]

True Dual Longtail Mufflers

samson cholos

Samson says quality and performance like no other exhaust system can. Not just another pretty face, the smooth flowing lines of Samson True Dual S-296 slip-on mufflers do not belie the fact that up to a 20% increase in horsepower and torque are possible with a properly tuned and equipped motor. Maximum performance is achieved […]

All New Staggered Longtails for Indian Scout

Staggered longtails for indian

They’re spanking new, they’re super-cool, and they’re ready to bolt-on your 2015 and later Indian Scout motorcycle. Samson’s all new Staggered Longtail slip-on mufflers for Scout are designed and manufactured to turn the Indian Motorcycle Companies Little Big-Twin into a deep breathing torque machine. The staggered Longtail look will turn heads too! These high style […]

Sturgis End Caps for 4 inch Mufflers

Samson Sturgis TIPS gen 3

If you’re a regular Sturgis visiting biker you gotta have these gems for your Indian or Harley-Davidson Bagger! Samson-Sturgis logo end caps are being produced on a limited-run basis, so get yours while they are available! Samson-Sturgis logo end-caps are available as an extra cost option for all Samson four-inch slip-on mufflers with removable tips. Samson’s […]

Samson High Magnum Exhaust Pipes


Samson Big Guns High Magnums for 1986-2006 Softail will convert your Harley-Davidson Big-Twin Evolution or Twin-Can motorcycle into a heavy breathing ground-pounder and look mighty fine in the process. Samson High Magnums are perfect for  street-performance Softail motorcycle riders looking for improved torque and horsepower with old-school chopper style looks and late model arm-stretching performance. High Magnums are available for […]


IN164 Tails

 LONGTAILS FOR  ROADMASTER & CHIEFTAIN The other shoe has dropped. Samson Silver Bullet high-performance slip-on mufflers with Longtail tips for hard-bag equipped Indian Roadmaster and Chieftain model Big-Twins are now available. Samson IN-164 slip-on mufflers have the ever popular Longtail style, and the deep thunder exhaust note bikers love. Count coup with Samson’s IN-164 four-inch super-flow slip-ons, and expect as much […]

Silver Bullet Turn Down Mufflers


Silver Bullet Turn Downs Samson’s high-style Turn-Downs have proven to be one of the most popular muffler designs of all time for Bagger motorcycles. Turn-Downs bounce the exhaust pulses off the road surface announcing your presence to other riders and other motorists alike! Samson pipes save lives! Samson’s  3″ X 29″ M-123’s are equipped with high-flow […]

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