Archive | May, 2016

New York PD Destroy Motorcycles with Bulldozers

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.00.32 AM

The New York Police Department has a taste for drama. In spectacle fashion, the department rounded a few hundred confiscated dirtbikes and crushed them beyond repair using a couple of bulldozers, and broadcast the entire event, live, on Facebook. The NYPD Commissioner bill Bratton committed last month to utilizing Facebook live to broadcast the destruction […]

Make Exhaust Great Again


Listen to me. Samson is the best in the business, and nobody knows business better than I know business. Nobody does exhaust better than Samson. Nobody, believe me. Samson Exhaust? It’s unstoppable. No question. Everybody knows it. These other Exhausts? They’re coming around, and we don’t know who they are. Do we want these weak […]

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