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Samson Unveils Indian Scout Exhaust

Staggered longtails for indian

Pride. Performance. Attitude. These are the characteristics that differentiate motorcyclists from any other automotive enthusiasts. The Indian Scout is no exception, and with Samson’s new line of exhaust equipped, your Scout will look and sound better than any other on the road. Bolt Samson’s new Chopper Longtails right onto your stock headpipes and achieve a […]

Sturgis Edition Mufflers for Hard Bag Indians

Sturgis edition for indian

Indian has released a new King of the Road, the Chieftain Roadmaster. Behold it’s beauty. Bask in it’s magnificence. Witness the awe-inspiring quality and techno-retro architecture. Samson’s contemporary designed roaring Sturgis Edition mufflers for the Hard Bag Indians are here, and they are glorious. You may not think you need to make your Indian look […]

Samson Cannons for Scout Motorcycles

IN-166 Indian Scout Cannons

Samson’s all new Cannons for Indian Scout are on the menu and ready to bolt-on your 2015 and later Scout motorcycle. Samson’s world famous Cannon slip-on mufflers are designed and manufactured to turn your Indian Scout into a blazing fast fun machine. These big-bore Cannons will elicit second looks from any American motorcycle rider! Scout Cannons (Samson part number IN-166) are […]

Sturgis Edition Mufflers for Indian Chief


Sturgis Edition high-performance mufflers from Samson are available immediately in either chrome or Sinister Black Ceramic for both soft-bag and hard-bag equipped Big Twin Indian Motorcycles. Get your war bonnet on and count coup with Samson’s Sturgis Edition four-inch super-flow slip-ons, and expect as much as a 20% increase on both torque and horsepower with tradition Samson […]

Samson Rolling Thunder Mufflers

S-763 Sturgis end cap rev 2A

ROLLING THUNDER MUFFLERS Samson’s  Rolling Thunder mufflers are the original “Rolling Thunder” slip-ons that sound so pleasant to the ears of discriminating Harley-Davidson riders.  The low restriction baffles of the Rolling Thunder mufflers allow any Big-Twin motor to breathe like a champion athlete while singing the resonant Samson road song. Properly tuned stock motors can expect up to a 20% increase […]

S3-959 Street Sweepers

S3-959B Legend Series Street Sweepers

  Clean up your neighborhood with Samson’s Legend Series Street Sweepers exhaust pipe for Harley-Davidson Softail. Why are Street Sweepers so popular? More horsepower and torque, up to a 20% increase with a properly tuned and equipped motor and Samson’s famous ground pounding sound, that’s why! Samson pipes do save lives! Samson’s show-chrome finish is the cat’s […]

True Dual Longtail Mufflers

samson cholos

Samson says quality and performance like no other exhaust system can. Not just another pretty face, the smooth flowing lines of Samson True Dual S-296 slip-on mufflers do not belie the fact that up to a 20% increase in horsepower and torque are possible with a properly tuned and equipped motor. Maximum performance is achieved […]

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