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Traditional “Pomonas” Dual Exhaust


If you’re looking for a tradition style dual-pipe set for your Harley-Davidson Dyna-Glide motorcycle, this equal-length system is prescription perfect. Equal length pipe systems have historically proven to elicit maximum torque and horsepower equally from each cylinder. Samson Pomonas’ get the most from your stock or modified Big-Twin motorcycle. Pomonas’ with removable baffles, can be […]

Thunder and Lightning Slant Cuts

M-148 for EB w Drop-in 2

Add a distinctive touch of Class to your Harley-Davidson Bagger motorcycle with Samson Rolled Thunder, slant-cut mufflers. These high style mufflers have a sophisticated, slant-cut rolled-edge outlet, and are equipped with low restriction  high-performance baffles.  Rolled Thunder mufflers sound like thunder and produce lightning like acceleration! Big Twin motors equipped with high performance cams and air cleaners can take […]

Cross-Under Dual Exhaust for FLH


Does your Bagger need a “passing” gear? Bolt on a bucket load of extra ponies with Samson’s FL4-557 True Dual Cross-Under exhaust system. This True Dual exhaust system with low restriction 39 inch slip-on Longtail mufflers has performance enhancing bends which produce phenomenal lower end torque. More horsepower across the power-band allows you to pass those slow […]

Low Magnums For Sportster


Dump that restrictive OEM Sportster exhaust pipe-set and slam a pair of Samson Magnum exhaust pipes on your favorite little Big-Twin. Doing so will definitely put a smile on any Sportster riders face! Installing these pipes will take less than an hour. Your Sportster will look better, sound better and run better with this free flowing low restriction exhaust system. In less than […]

Samson’s Big Bark Cannons

facebook image 3

Every so often this question comes up: Why do you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? The traditional answer is “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.” Every so often another question comes up: “Why do You use Samson exhaust pipes?” If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand is not an appropriate answer for this question. Ask any Samson […]

Old Yeller Samson Pipe Bagger!

J McFann ST Bagger2 rev a

    We don’t  know what Samson customer Joe McFann calls his bright yellow Harley-Davidson Bagger, but we call her “Old Yeller.” Does she look old to you? She isn’t! The motorcycle you are viewing is actually an 06 Softail owned by Joe Mcfann’s wife Elsie, which she received as a gift from Joe for her “Golden” birthday. […]

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