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Samson Cholos Are Head Turners!

cholo exhaust

Harley-Davidson riders are famous for trying to “one-up” each other in the accessories arena. Samsons “Super Cholo Longtails” are the icing on the cake for Low Riding Harley-Davidson Softail and FLH riders. The clean, mean chrome plated styling of Samsons Cholo’s, coupled with the traditional Samson sound cannot be ignored by red blooded American riders! Samson Cholos turn […]

Samson Sidewinder Outlaws!


Samson Sidewinders exhaust pipes sing a song of yesteryear with a deep bassoon exhaust note in a chopper style up-sweep exhaust system. History say’s that up-sweep exhaust systems were invented with the pipe ends at the driver-side level of car windows to annoy the squares! Get your chopper on with Samson’s  legendary Legends dual pipe exhaust set S3-966 or […]

Your Mother Warned You About These Torque Cones!


What the hell is a torque cone you may ask? What flavors are available? Samson stainless steel  Torque Cone are a bolt-in device that increases outgoing exhaust velocity, while at the same time preventing exhaust gas reversion. All dual exhaust-pipe exhaust systems can derive a profound performance benefit from the installation of Samson Torque cones. Simply […]

Samson Exhaust B-Stock Blowout Sale

B-Stock featured image

B-Stock is hot to go! From Choppers to Baggers, if you’re shopping for a high quality set of pipes at rock bottom prices, the best place to shop is Samson Exhaust’s “B” Stock line-up. B-Stock items are new and unused Samson products that may have small imperfections (dings, dents and blemishes), or are simply over stocked and must be […]

Big Guns 3 “Chopper Longtails” w/Full Coverage Heat Shields

Samson Chopper Longtails

For 1986 to 2011 Harley-Davidson Softail model Motorcycles, 2006 and earlier non fuel injection models require O2 sensor plugs (purchased separately part no. A-164). Also fits 2012-2014 with Drag Specialties Part# DS-1861-0594 18mm to 12mm O2 Sensor Adapter. This is the third generation of the ever popular Big famous Big Guns. BG3 brings the timeless good looks and […]

Free Booth Space at Samson Exhaust for Sturgis Rally

Free vendor space sturgis

If you plan on attending the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis South Dakota stop by the Samson Exhaust manufacturing facility and meet the Godfather of Exhaust Pipe Kenny Price!! Samson is located in the Sturgis Industrial Park at 1151 Industry Road, Sturgis, SD 57785. Free booth space is being offered on a first come first served basis […]

Samson O2 Sensor Plugs


Samson’s precision made O2 sensor plugs (One pair), are compatible with all Harley Motorcycle exhaust systems. The plugs fits the 18mm sensor bung in 2007 and later exhaust pipes when the sensors are not being used. These plug can also be used on 2007 and later pipe applications with sensor bung s, when the pipe is to be […]

Big Bad Bagger Cannons


Is your 2009 Harley-Davidson Bagger needing a performance shot-in-the-arm? Bolt on a Samson exhaust system for some added ponies. A little horsepower increase will put a smile on any Bagger riders face. Samon’s Legend Series FL3-901 Cannons look as good as they function. The removable 2½ inch, full coverage heat shields are pre-installed and the system is ready […]

Tapered Inner Exhaust Gasket

Samson gaskets A-144

  When installing a new exhaust header pipe or simply re-installing the existing pipe after temporary removal, it is strongly recommended that the crushable composite-metal exhaust gasket be replaced. Samson tapered radius exhaust gaskets makes it easy to install a typical v-twin header pipe. The tapered inner surface of the gasket tends to centers the pipe as it […]

Samson Steel Exhaust Flange Kit

Samson Flange Kit

Hi Strength Flanges Replace OEM Items! Whenever an exhaust system swap is made, it is highly recommended that new exhaust flanges and exhaust clips be used to ensure the best seal possible at the exhaust port. If you’re spending good money on an exhaust system, new flanges and clips are a good bet. Exhaust flanges and clips are […]

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