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Noise has become a real issue. Communities all over the country have their ears open wide listening to the Harleys ride by. And at the big national events, well, we’ve all seen the black-and-whites out in force, policemen writing noise-violation tickets until the pens run dry. Harley riding is more popular than ever, there are more Harley Exhaust on the road than any time in the past, and people love seeing them–but hate hearing them, especially at two in the morning. The days of talking your way out of a court appearance or a fine are disappearing fast.  

Samson Exhaust has been just about synonymous with great sounding, loud pipes. It’s been that way for years. Nothing beats that classic Samson sound. Big Guns, Extremes, Ground Pounders, Cannons, even the names of the pipes sound loud. “Samson Pipes Saves Lives” was the mantra, and survey after survey showed that the number one change riders make to their bikes is a new exhaust, and the number one reason they make that change is sound. But as this sport grows and the number of bikes on the road increases that issue of excessive noise, that “rolling thunder,” becomes a higher and higher priority.

  BaflesSamson’s on top of it. As a leader in the aftermarket exhaust field, Samson Inc has already addressed this noise issue, and everything you need to bring a Harley into politically correct compliance–and at the same time keep that deep and throaty rumble Samson’s know for–is in the FatBook. Baffles are available for almost every style of Samson exhaust pipe, eight different baffles in all, and they’re offered in both 1-inch and 2-inch flow-through styles. Samson’s Challenger Series exhausts include two unique baffles right from the factory, and a fiberglass wrap is standard. There are 21 choices of Samson Dresser and Road King mufflers, all with built-in baffles, and Samson’s new Stealth Muffler for Dressers and Road Kings has been designed, developed and produced specifically to be quiet, and add performance while doing it. All of this is far from the end of things. At Samson new baffles are being developed all the time, because their time is now.
     And have you heard the Caliber Exhaust, a step-header performance system introduced by Samson Inc just a year ago? Those pipes, in all their styles including a 2-into-1, were engineered to produce significant increases in torque and horsepower, and deliver that performance with an unobtrusive, throaty exhaust note. In fact, the Caliber Exhaust was specifically developed to have its exhaust note drop off after a few feet. Careful attention was paid to where the sound starts, and where it ends. The Caliber’s Veritech Baffle is critical to all this, serving the multi-purpose function of extracting exhaust to add torque and at the same time reducing sound.
     Aftermarket pipes don’t have to be loud to sound good. In fact, a Harley sounds best when the rumble is deep and low and powerful. Samson has what it takes to get there, and in the process keep everyone–the noise-police included–happy. Contact your Drag Specialties rep today for more information on what’s new at Samson.