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Samson Warlord II ExhaustDo you want pipes that will deliver high performance and sound that will clear those roads for you? Shogun Exhaust presents the “Warlord II” series for the All Metric Foursome. Kenny Samson and his elite team of experts have incorporated the nine most popular styles from the successful original “Big Guns” series from Samson into this new exciting and great series of pipes. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki are now considered to be the Metric Fearsome Foursome. Shogun Exhaust has created a masterpiece with the “Warlord II” series, and offers the same quality and sound that has made Samson’s Harley line of pipes dominate the exhaust market.
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True Dual Crossover With Removable Longtail Tips and Removable Baffles PDF Print E-mail

We are introducing the NEW True Dual Crossover with 2¼" Heatshields & 2 1/4" Mufflers with Removable Longtail Tips. These systems Fits 1995 to 2013 Dressers & Road Kings and 1986 to 2013 Softails. Available from 23 1/2" to 42" for Softails and 33" to 42". This True Duals eliminate the rear crossover pipe to the front pipe, providing for a cooler and improved ride for both rider and passenger.

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“The Godfather of Pipes” inducted into the Sturgis motorcycle museum and hall of fame PDF Print E-mail

Kenny Price, founder of Samson Exhaust, is the inventor and leading innovator of numerous patented high-performance exhaust systems. His beginnings were humble – he was just a teenager whose only aspiration was to tweak more power out of his 1956 Vespa. Kenny’s experience with building pipes started with building his own chopper, but when his friends saw how well that turned out, they asked him to build pipes for their bikes, too. It wasn’t long before he was building exhausts for many bikes in the area and earned his nickname the “Godfather of Pipes.”

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Samson BlimpThank you for your concern and interest in our poor ol' Samson blimp during our deep moments of sorrow. We are still praying for our long lost beautiful blimp to return to us via winds aloft but it may be taking a world tour instead. Well, lets get to the story. I have been vending from the Corbin back lot on Main Street Daytona for the last couple of years and our presence has been marginal at best. So I came up with this blimp idea from a display I saw at the SEMA car show. The people also sell those dancing guys (or girls) that are powered by a high velocity fan to make them move and flap around like a spaghetti noodle turned upside down. We had our Samson logo painted on both sides of the blimp as large as possible. It was a brilliant marketing plan and I was patting myself on the back for a job well done. Actually we were all very proud. Monday, March 4th 2002 was the day our beloved Samson blimp took life and breathed its first breath of helium.
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